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Gingersnap (2013)

Gingersnap (2013)

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0375938915 (ISBN13: 9780375938917)
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Benjamin Torres9/29/14Period 3/4 Gingersnap Gingersnap was a great book. I gave it 3 stars because it had good details in the chapter, but sometimes in the end of a chapter, there was a cliff hanger. Also, the character was amazing, brave, and generous, but tells more about her. There is a ghost with her. Tell more about him/her. Was he/she helpful? Was he/she curious. I liked this book; it gave me a view of World War II that was new to me. I found Jayna's story to be moving and it caused me to reflect on my own family and our experiences--none of which are at all similar to Jayna's. However, I think its strength is that it is a book about the relationships in life, not a book about WW II.I am not quite sure about how it would be received by its intended audience--I don't know if it will appeal to a wide audience or if it is one that will rely on author Patricia Reilly Giff's fans.(N15-16/3-5)

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It had potential, but couldn't buy into the storyline, especially with the imaginary friend.

I wasn't crying at the end, or anything. Nope, not me. No siree.

A good, short, easy read with a happy ending.

A lovely book. Couldn't put it down.

loved it!

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