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Girl Who Owned A City: The Graphic Novel (2012)

Girl Who Owned a City: The Graphic Novel (2012)
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Girl Who Owned A City: The Graphic No...
Girl Who Owned A City: The Graphic Novel (2012)

About book: I'm on the lookout for middle school appropriate graphic novels that can appeal to any gender/sex. Though the pacing seemed too quick at times, the designs are amazing. I can always appreciate a female lead too, although the minority characters were often left undeveloped and in the background. This had a serious Walking Dead vibe to it, but without the zombies and gore. I was surprised to find that it's based on a booked originally published in 1977, so it definitely was created before the Hunger Games/Walking Dead craze begun. Overall it was a quick read, easy to digest, but still had some scenarios and moments that I think could foster some good thought-provoking conversations with the late elementary/early middle school age bracket. I never read the novel (1995) of the same name but I love the graphic novel adaptation - compelling characters, dynamic illustration, engrossing story...the obvious influence on the Hunger Games and various child/teen-surviving-after-all-adults-die stories is unmistakable...I have to read the original book now (surprised to see there is only one copy in our library system!) Recommended for tweens & teens, age 10+.
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Good book. I recommend for teens.
Quick, fast-paced read.
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