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Gli Occhi Gialli Dei Coccodrilli (2009)

Gli occhi gialli dei coccodrilli (2009)

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8860734819 (ISBN13: 9788860734815)
Baldini Castoldi Dalai

About book Gli Occhi Gialli Dei Coccodrilli (2009)

Ce livre est très divertissant, assez bien écrit avec des styles différents pour chaque perspective.En effet, ce roman ne contient pas de chapitre ce qui permet une harmonie et une fluidité à l'intrigue.Les personnages sont attachants même si, à mon avis, ils manquent un peu de relief.Pour ce qui est du rythme de ce livre, je trouve la deuxième partie longue et ennuyeuse. Ce livre aurait mérite d'être un peu plus court.C'est un roman agréable pour l'été, qui permet de se détendre. I bought this book because it was an international best seller and so I figured that it had to be a good read. The back blurb made it sound like a comedic adventure but I have to confess that I didn’t like it. The story didn’t live up to the book description’s promises. I found the main character, Josephine, to be whiney and too much of a martyr. Her husband runs off with his sexy mistress, leaving Josephine to look after their two daughters. On top of this he takes out a loan for 200,000 Euros, defaults on the loan and Josephine simply starts paying the loan repayments because the loan is in both their names. She claims he tricked her but the reality is she didn’t even bother to read the papers that she was signing. She doesn’t get angry or confront her scheming husband, make a fuss, or tell anyone. Instead she suffers in silence, which I thought made her a pathetic character, and didn’t do much for the portrayal of modern day French women. Josephine’s neighbour, Shirley, is a woman in hiding with a secretive past, and later it’s revealed that she’s actually connected to the British Royal Family, and is an occasional bodyguard to the Queen. The idea may seem funny but story lacked the strength to pull it off convincingly. In amongst all of this Josephine writes a best seller and overcomes a lifelong emotional trauma from her childhood in the blink of an eye, or a matter of lines. I feel that this book tries to include too many big, bold events that simply aren’t handled all that well. The worst of it was that I didn’t find it funny at all. I found most of the women in the books irritating, self indulgent and annoying. Shirley, the neighbour, was the only sane character, and then she lost credibility throughout the book with irrational moments tied to the royal family angle. In my opinion, this book had great potential but it’s missed the mark. There were simply too many elements that weren’t believable, and as such the story lacked credibility. All up it was a disappointing read, and I guess it shows that just because a book is on the best seller list it doesn’t mean it’s brilliantly written.

Do You like book Gli Occhi Gialli Dei Coccodrilli (2009)?

I would agree with most of the criticisms, but for my part, it was a fun, very quick read.

3 1/2 stars. I enjoyed the book more as it progressed and liked the ending.

Couldn't put it down.

Fun beach read!

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