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Gnome On The Range (2000)

Gnome on the Range (2000)

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About book Gnome On The Range (2000)

I have had this book on my Kindle for about a year and a half, and I don't know why I hadn't read it before now, but I finished it today and absolutely loved it. Jane has such a normal yet crazy life, that you can't help but laugh with her as she finds herself in strange and/or embarrassing situations time and time again. She's technically a widow, she was in the process of divorcing her cheating husband when he died and works at her mother-in-law's adult 'toy' store while raising her 2 young boys. Luckily her mother-in-law, Goldie, doesn't hold her son's affairs against her and in fact wants her to open herself up again to someone and if that someone happens to be a very hot gorgeous man, so much the better. So into the store walks hot and gorgeous firefighter Ty Strickland, who also happens to be Jane's new neighbor. Jane's embarrassing situations seems to happen around Ty continually which only leads to sparks flying all over the place. Gnome on the Range is just a fun read!! There's humor, there's lots of steam, you can even learn a bit about sex toys if you're looking for that and as if that's not enough there's a mystery that needs solving and danger to both Jane and Ty as the case gets deeper and more convoluted. There's 2 more books in Jennifer Zane's Gnome Novels series, and I am looking forward to reading them. Jane West is a widow with two young boys named Bobby and Zach. There is never a dull moment in the West household. The other interesting thing about Jane is that she works at Goldilocks which is adult store owned by her mother in law Goldie. A new neighbor sparks interest in Jane and her boys. The new neighbor is Ty Strickland, a paid fireman and army vet, enjoys meeting Jane in unusual circumstances. Ty thinks Jane is a danger magnet and pushes her away from him. Jane's husband Nate treated her like door mat and cheated on her. Jane's libido kicks into high gear around Ty and the feeling seems to be mutual. Jane loves to bargain shop which meand garage sales. The boys buy a pair of garden gnomes. There has been increase of drug related problems and sabotage around Jane. Can Jane trust in Ty? Will Ty believe in Jane? Who is behind the drug problems? Who wants to hurt Jane? Your answers await you in Gnome on the Range.From the title alone you wouldn't guess this book being a romance novel. I can honestly say that this book from beginning to end was a complete page turner. I really laughed thru reading this book alone because of the Goldie character. She is a riot and no holds bar type of person. She'll tell you like it is and makes no apologies for who she is. I loved that one of the main backgrounds occurred in the Adult Store for this all by itself was hilarious and entertaining. I highly recommend reading this book. I certainly look forward to reading more from this author.

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cute book - had me laughing out loud several times. mystery, romance & action.

Funny, sexy, and suspenseful. I look forward to more by this author.

Funny and cute story.

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