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Go Fetch! (2007)

Go Fetch! (2007)

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1599981416 (ISBN13: 9781599981413)
Samhain Publishing

About book Go Fetch! (2007)

What a great story. Lots of humour, great pacing, and an amazingly bizarre romance between two characters who deserve each other - but in a good way. I like feisty heroines but Miki has set a new standard. She is the snarkiest female character I've ever encountered, and I've encountered a few in other books by this author. But I still loved her. Conall is pretty adorable too, and patient, so very patient when it involves Miki. This is such a fun series to read. Love Laurenston's writing style, her incredible characters, and the action-packed plots. Can't wait to read Angelina's story. This was decent. I don't know why I didn't like it more. I'm thinking I took the feedback of some positive reviews and made it more than I should have in my own mind. Had some funny moments, but honestly the romance wasn't all there for me. I think its my inherent dislike of heroines in denial. It went on WAY too long. Feels a bit too much like looking a gift horse in the mouth when the guy isn't giving me (as the reader) any reason why she should be so dismissive.Overall, I'd recommend. Again, I'm not bowled over, but still...better than the average IR read of the last six months for me.

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I loved Miki! She was a crazy mess. I laughed so much.

This one is actually a 10 Stars!!!!

Miki and Conall had me cracking up!

Life's too short for crappy books.

Much more fun than the first one.

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