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Go-Givers Sell More (2010)

Go-Givers Sell More (2010)

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About book Go-Givers Sell More (2010)

I originally read this book after finishing reading Bob Burg and John David Mann's famous book "The Go-Giver". Unlike "The Go-Giver" this book isn't a business parable, but looks at the idea of "The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success" in the original book, and gives practical advice on how to apply them in everyday life.While the book is focused on people who are involved in Sales, I think the concepts of the Five Laws are applicable to everyone in every aspect of life. Thus, this book would be a great read for anyone wanting to enjoy better relationships with anyone and everyone around them.This book is an easy read and I found it reinforcing the concept of being a "Go-Giver" (as opposed to a "Go-Getter") - which I can speak from experience in saying has made a profound impact on the way I live my own life.Highly recommended! Great principled methods of generally dealing with people. It appears that we all sell something at some point, many times that something being an idea, an opinion, or just ourselves. I had expected the full fable as in the previous book, but this digs into it a little more. Perhaps it's that I had the audiobook, but the transitions were a bit jolting at times and I couldn't quite feel the flow of what the author likely wanted to achieve. Also, the ending was abrupt--it seemed almost like the last 10 minutes were cut off. Definitely worth an occasional "reminder" listen to develop/keep those important habits in place.

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As a follow up to The Go-Giver, it gives practical applications and examples. Very good

Everyone should read this book. Lessons of life. Not just sales.

A good practical explination of what's found in the go-giver


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