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Goading The Enforcer (2012)

Goading the Enforcer (2012)
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Goading The Enforcer (2012)
Goading The Enforcer (2012)

About book: I liked this book a lot. It wasn't perfect, not even close, but it was refreshingly upbeat, funny and enjoyable. I only have one complaint. Jared leaving his whole life for Carson. The moving I could get behind because relationships where the couple is apart most of the time simply don't work for long. Least of all a shifter romance where one feels the need to be with the other about 24/7. So, that...I understood. The leaving his job part though...That was a little more hard to understand. I would've liked for them to have come to a compromise. This way it was just Jared doing what Carson wanted and I'm not completely okay with that. So he was an assassin. Not all assassins are 100% bad and not everyone deserves to live. Considering how Carson may need to kill to defend his pack, his white and black vision is pretty hypocritical and wrong. Even Jared admitted to researching his targets before accepting the job or not to make sure they deserved their fate. I gotta say I was with Jared in this one and I don't think he should've capitulated to Carson's morality. I've read other novels with assassins as main characters and I've always loved them. That being said, I still had fun reading this.PS: This cover is absolutely terrible. Hurts my eyes and everything. After the first two books in the series, I was starting to feel like the next stories after were declining. Well then this came along and became my favorite of the entire series. Jared may be the human but he is no useless wimp. He is so secure in himself that he automatically acknowledged his attraction for Carson despite knowing he was not gay at the start.There is also a side story of an albino bunny and Lyle's extremely decent and good looking ex Bobby Truman who I hope will find their HEA. If not with each other then with other shifters.
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4.25 stars.I loved, loved this book. Jared is so far my favorite character in this series.
assassin/hacker and enforcer wolf. nothing special, but well put together
Jared is one of my fav characters in this series!!!! LOve LOVE!!!
that was a very cute story.
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