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Goddess Girls The Girl Games (2012)

Goddess Girls The Girl Games (2012)

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What a cute story! This was my second book that I read in the Goddess Girls series. It's a middle grade series that takes the classic myths and puts a modern spin to them. It's centered around the goddesses of Greek mythology as their tween selves-- all attending MOA, Mt. Olympus Academy. I really enjoyed reading about Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Persephone as they held the first ever girl Olympics. Of course the godboys were also part of the story-- each girl has a crush (hint: the crushes are all their would-be mates). Each girl battles different anxieties with the upcoming games. MOA is hosting girls from all around the world. We get Norse goddesses! Chinese goddesses and Egyptian goddesses in this book and I loved that. I'm such a sucker for mythology, and I love how the authors made it fit the middle grade genre, pushing the creativity of various myths and mythical heroes and gods. I definitely recommend these books to young girls. My niece loves this series, and I'm glad she does. There's just the right amount of kissing (cheek kissing) and hand-holding. It also teaches wonderful messages about girl-on-girl jealousies. It's a well known fact girls can be terribly mean and spiteful. Young girls need too earn how to deal with these situations if they're ever targeted or bullied and how to make the situation better and maybe eventually even become friends after understanding what motivates a young woman to, for example, flirt with your crush! I also actually find it refreshing that the goddess girls are popular. No, not totally stereotypically popular. They're just a group of talented girls who are friends and have a lot of friends. They don't endorse mean behavior, and are only "popular" because they're nice to everyone and like to have fun. It's wonderful. Just in time for the Summer Olympics in London, fans of The Goddess Girls will love diving into this special summer hit!What could be more exciting to the Goddess Girls series than a book that focuses on Olympic style games for the girls. Though this new release is a stand alone, fans of this series will be sure to enjoy every moment of this exciting story line. Told from alternating points of views, this story stays true to everything I have loved about this series and introduces some new characters and fun twists. This story also introduces fans to the lovable Adonis, the adorable little kitten seen on the cover of the book.Being a huge fan of the Olympics, I love that this storyline focuses on the Olympics, girl style. The girls have come up their own creative games complete with pink sand to jump into and beanbag animal hand offs in the rely races vs the batons. Honestly I wouldn't have expected that any other way. Of course not everything will always go as planned, and with more than just the girls at Mount Olympus Academy competing, there's more than just winning at stake. Don't worry fans, the boys are all present in the story as well. What would the games be without a little help from them.One of the things I enjoyed the most about The Girl Games is the story telling. Not many authors can pull off telling a story for multiple character points of views, but Joan and Suzanne have done a superb job doing so. They not only allow their fans to get to know their characters more, but they make it fun, and easy for readers to distinguish between each narrator. Whether we're following Artemis as she's trying to do it all to get everything ready for the Games, or Aphrodite and her newly found kitten, Adonis, Persephone, Artemis and Aphrodite all learn a few lessons about friendships and some friendly competition.True to the Goddess Girls style, there's also plenty of sweet romances, lessons learned about friendships, and a lesson or two learned about some "friendly" competition. Goddess Girls: The Girl Games, Super Special is a book I HIGHLY recommend picking up. It's one that can easily be read as a stand alone, as much it's a book the fans of this series will love. As I've said with each of these books, I HIGHLY recommend this series for young readers!

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sooooo awesome love it that they each get a chapter

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