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Goddess Legacy (2013)

Goddess Legacy (2013)

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Penning Princess Publishing

About book Goddess Legacy (2013)

I bought this series for $.99 because my daughter and I love Percy Jackson. This series is about a girl who finds out she is Persephone and all her other friends find out secrets about themselves related to Greek mythology. At least, that's what the blurb said. In fact this book promotes rape culture, teenage sex, and pornography.1) 85% of the book talks about how Legacy and her boyfriend Adin touch each other; how she keeps trying to push his limits; how good it feels. It is extremely graphic. This girl is in high school.2) Among other exclamations, Legacy talks about how she loves being "owned" by her boyfriend and how she wants to give him all the control. The language and the descriptions encourage the rape problems we see all over. The girl has no mind of her own and spends all her time fawning over boys. Both the boys describe in detail what they want to do sexually to her.3) The author's grammar is atrocious. She has a limited vocabulary. And she obviously has done little to no research on Greek mythology. In short, I would stay as far away from these books (they are a self-published series) and the author as possible. I learned a lot in this book it amazed me how you can learn so much by reading a good book. Anyways, I enjoyed the characters each and every one of them, yes the love story of young sweethearts are slow but that is how true love begins. I gave this four stars cause at first it really didn't thrill me until the middle though the book itself is worth reading, I would love to read the whole series but don't have the money glad it was free though.

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It was a pretty interesting read. I'll definitely read the next in the series.

Feel like this book went a long way for nothing...

Great book! Very unique with a good story line! :)

2.5 but rounded up bc it got better


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