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Goldilocks And His Three Bears (2007)

Goldilocks and His Three Bears (2007)
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1603701427 (ISBN13: 9781603701426)
Torquere Press
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Goldilocks And His Three Bears (2007)
Goldilocks And His Three Bears (2007)

About book: Goldilocks and His Three Bears was my first m/m book. As expected, I did not find it erotically stimulating. There was some humor, and it was an interesting little dynamic. I've no real idea how to rate something like this. There was too much sex for me to rate it as I would rate a non-sexually graphic book. I can't rate the sex scenes for technical competence, pleasure to read, or anything like that. So, I'm left just marking the book "read".Men on men action isn't really exciting for me. Why read? I was curious. I've read straight male-female erotic fiction. I've read lesbian erotic fiction. I've read bisexual erotic fiction. But I had never read male-male erotic fiction. I would probably rate it, using GoodRead's little hints (ie, 2 = ok; 3 = like), two stars, but that doesn't really seam fair. As I would only rate it a 2 because I just found it ok. If I liked m/m fiction, I'd be able to fully rate the book. This really isn't my kind of book and therefore the rating probably isn't fair but I was kind of relieved to see that book was as short as it was and that can never generate a good grade. I read it mostley because I needed a MMMM for my Shelf a thon but also because I thought the title was funny. I guess that you could say that the book was sweet, it's just that I can't wrap my mind around a sub/dom relationship, no matter how I try it never sits well with me.
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All the 'mama bears' and 'daddy bears' got a bit cringe and I really didn't feel this one :(
first m/m book i ever read. not terribly surprising i became hooked on the genre.
Very kinky, surprisingly sweet and exactly what I wanted!
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