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Good Soldiers, The (2010)

Good Soldiers, The (2010)

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I usually don't read non-fiction, but this was a timely book club selection. You know, Americans have really short memories. It seems like Iraq & the surge faded once President Obama took office. Now, with Iraq exploding again, I think every American should read this book to know how complicated & hopeless Bush's War became. This is the story of a battalion that spent a little over a year in Iraq during the surge. It demonstrates how even the best soilders with the best intentions got sucked up in the stink of Iraq. An excellent read I've now had two days since finishing it, to think about what I wanted to say about this book. I was very impressed by it, and this heartbreaking tale of the Good Soldiers. My parents were veterans of World War Two, and I worked and managed Good Soldiers who had come back from places of war - Afghanistan, Iraq, East Timor, and several peacekeeping missions. So I've had experience dealing with folk who have returned hurt, wounded and dazed. Trying to fit in to a Normal world, when all they've experienced is the abnormal normal.For me - I really do believe this book should be mandatory reading for those of us who do work with, live with or have contact with those brave folk who have gone in and served in these areas.We need to understand that though on the surface they might seem okay, but they do need our understanding and care to help cope with what we civilians take for granted.This book made me angry, so very angry with the way we treat our fallen, our wounded and our returned soldiers. It broke my heart reading about the visit to the Wounded Warriors facility. I cried as I read the email from Duncan Crookston's mother detailing her son's last fight. Read it and see if you're not moved too.Finkel has given voice to those we expect to serve, and for whom the politicians forget the men and women who are sent to serve, or should I survive horrific encounters while the rest of us, exist in our magical smartphone/kindle/ electronically enable lifestyles. Safe, cossetted and protected from what is going on in the rest of the world.Finkel has produced an amazing book here, one that will move you, and change your way of thinking.Read it if you dare or if you want to care about folk who need to have our respect and support.

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A captivating and often moving account of life for American soldiers in Iraq during the "surge"

Interesting but at times real depressing.

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