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Goodbye To Yesterday (2013)

Goodbye to Yesterday (2013)

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About book Goodbye To Yesterday (2013)

Wanda Brunstetter writes a new series "The Discovery" little small books in 6 parts Goodbye to Yesterday-The Silence of Winter-The Hope of Spring-The Pieces of Summer-A Revelation in Autumn-A Vow for Always.I prefer to have them all in one, to me it seemed as if you were reading few chapters in each book and the story of Luke and Meredith was told throughout the 6 books.Book #1 the young couple were struggling when Luke had lost his job, they had not been married long and it put a toll on the relationship. He was happy when a relative from another state offered to sell his business to him and he could come learn the trade and take the tools back home and have a new job to support them. Meredith was not pleased to have him leave in the wintertime to travel but agreed reluctantly.Luke was accosted and beaten in a bus station far from home. Will he ever see home again...will he live through this terrible beating?Book #2 The homeless man that had beat Luke traveled on the bus with the stolen ticket and money and the clothes from the Amish man...Luke was found unconsious and taken to hospital far from home with no wallet or way to know who he was, He didn't wake up for long time and had many operations. He was lucky in the respect that a young nurse who was very compassionate took him under her wing so to speak and helped him by talking to him and praying for him, she thought he was homeless and gave him name of "Eddie". In the meantime back home Meredith had been told that there was bus accident and Luke had died in it so she went through memorial service and mourned his death along with his and her parents. Jonah and old friend came back to town and befriended Meredith helping whenever he could....Book #3 we find Meredith pregnant and trying to do more then she should on her own when she almost loses it and has to live with her parents for awhile. Grief along with pregnancy weighed heavy on her mind. Having Jonah as a friend helped as the long days went by. Many expenses made Meredith trying to find ways she could live and support her baby. She began sewing head coverings to help but still was not enough..In the meantime at the hospital where Luke was recovering he had finally opened his eyes and was trying to come back to the world. The young nurse Susan was happy to see her patient so much better yet he still did not have his memory and didn't know what had happened or who he was. He had lot of rehab work ahead of him to have his physical body better but he would get #4 Eddie, Luke still recuperates at hosp and becomes aware of his friend and nurse Susan...Jonah continues to be a friend and help Meredith although Luke's Mom doesn't want him to. life is hard for Meredith and the time comes when she must move into her parents home for awhile and rent her place as it is just too much financially..Book #5 Meredith's sister has been working with her at childbirth classes and they are both shocked when in buggy on way home from the churcn the water broke and the baby was ready to come ..Right now. Laurie was so nervous but they both prayed and calmed themselves and the baby was born alongside the road. Meredith's friend Jonah came by and saw all that was happening and called 911 for them and soon had mother and babe at the hospital. Jonah has become closer to Meredith as the months have gone by, soon he wants to ask her to let him come courting but he doesn't want to do it too fast. It is tradition to wait a year after a death. Luke had not known he would be a father and Meredith still mourns and wonders why all this has happened in her life, she and Luke had not been married long and were just getting to know one another well. meanwhile in hosp Eddie had become strong enough to leave but no job-no monies-no family or memory so was unsure what he should do, Susan ask her grandparents if he could live with them while he continued to recuperate and do chores for them for room and board and they agreed. If only his memory would return, he became so frustrated about it.Book#6 Eddie finally recalls his name is Luke while living with Susan's grandparents and as time moves along and he helps the family and is comfortable there, more little tidbits of memory open to him.Meredith's little one is the apple of their eye and the grandparents love to visit and see him. Jonah and Luke's Mamm finally come to terms as she sees his love of the baby and she accepts Meredith and he getting closer. this book finds a wedding being planned and though Meredith doesn't love Jonah the way she did Luke -she knows he will be a good husband and father and she needs someone in her life again.This book comes to a climax when Luke remembers more and comes home to his "Merry". All were shocked to see him as they thought him dead all these many months, now they find out the homeless man died on the bus with his wallet. Jonah finds out that Luke was the one that saved him from drowning when he was a kid. So many things fall into place.You will enjoy the story told in 6 books each continuing into the other. I myself would have preferred one book and don't think I would purchase little ones like this again. I enjoyed the total story but feel it could have been done in one book, hope they dont want to do this again. I so enjoy reading Amish fiction and usually enjoy Wanda Brunstetter's stories. Unfortunately, I'm not sure why I didn't love this first part, but I found myself not connecting with the characters and found myself not really involved. Maybe it's because the story was too short and I needed more time to connect, but as it stands now, I'm not really caring if I continue the series or not.The story ended in a cliff-hanger (as all serials do), but I felt like it was too predictable, that Meredith whined too much and I found it to be annoying. Will I read the next? Only time will tell at this point.Don't let my frustrations sway you. Pick up an e-copy at your local library and judge for yourself.

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Short book....wasn't very impressed. I will read the next book and hopefully it will get better.

I enjoyed the book but was left hanging... You have to buy all 6 books to get the whole story.

Short quick read - always love the Amish books. Look forward to reading the 6 in this saga.

This was a waste of my time and I am kind of mad I read it!!!!!

Haunting tale with young love

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