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Gotham City Sirens, Volume 2: Songs Of The Sirens (2010)

Gotham City Sirens, Volume 2: Songs of the Sirens (2010)

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1401229077 (ISBN13: 9781401229078)
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About book Gotham City Sirens, Volume 2: Songs Of The Sirens (2010)

Yes, contrary to my own expectations, the second volume of Gotham City Sirens made love The Riddler. This volume also shows Harley Quinn's family, and it explains how those hyenas came into the scene. It was a bit gruesome for a generally sweet collection, but it sets some great threads for the following volumes. Thanks to "The New York Trilogy" I had to take a break with this one, but this seems like it's going to be my favorite storyline involving Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I don't think it will be the same case for Catwoman, since she has better stories in other sagas such as "Hush" and "Heart of Hush". I've rounded up my rating to a four I would have given it a three and a half as I really liked the Harley and Ivy stories, they were interesting and well written. However the Catwoman stories pretty much blew cat chow chunks which is disappointing since when I was younger she was one of my favourite villains. There were some interesting insights into all the characters though and the artwork was visually pleasing.

Do You like book Gotham City Sirens, Volume 2: Songs Of The Sirens (2010)?

Didn't know this was volume 2 but now I can't wait to pick up volume 1.

All of Gotham's femme fatales in one place? Drool.

Much better than the first volume.

Three thumbs up!

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