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Grace Divine (2012)

Grace Divine (2012)
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La Martinière Jeunesse
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Grace Divine (2012)
Grace Divine (2012)

About book: I really loved the first two books in this series and I was hoping for something truly spectacular to conclude everything. And in truth, the ending of this book was pretty exciting. Some unexpected twists and turns, a few that were pretty obvious, and some pretty cool moral lessons tossed in -- but, the book fell just a little flat for me.The middle really dragged for me. I tried three different times to get through this book, all three time the middle dragged me down. Maybe the book was just a little too long? I don't know. I just wasn't compelled to tear through this book like I was the first two in the trilogy. But, the ending really makes up for it. The final 1/4 of the book felt like it was something right out of an action flick. Fast paced. One revelation after another. Cool battles. I really enjoyed it. Granted, there are a few twists that I saw coming a mile away. But that's okay. They were executed brilliantly. I also appreciated how Despain handles the relationship between Grace and Daniel. It was not at all a typical YA trope, and this was a GOOD thing!It takes some courage for a writer to stick to her principles like that. And while I thought the book was a little too "message" heavy, it is not at all a bad book. In fact, it is a really good book. Great? I don't know. Maybe upon a second reading I will think so. The final sequences are GREAT. And the Trilogy as a whole is a very strong entry into the YA genre. Not too many cliches, lots of interesting twists, and it is definitely good to see a dark, YA Urban Fantasy mix it up with a more "old fashioned" feel. It's possible to have fantasy without gore and it's possible to have a YA Romance without diving into every single trope out there. Very good series overall. And overall I'd rate the series a SOLID 4 stars. It is well worth a read! Especially if you're tired of cliched YA fiction. This one breaks a lot of the molds. Highly recommended, despite the sagging middle of the third book. I will stay from the start this book series really got me, i dont usually do warewolve books but this was a great series thats given me hope that not all ware books are lame, i was into every chapter because it was so busy and i like it that way no dole mome ts kept the storyline going not once did i get bored. But omg totally suprised about tal, and jude blehh.. Never really care about his charactor. Over all pretty good series hope theres a spin off!
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Oh Jesus...... Amazing !!!!!! Will make you want to finish it in a day!!!!
This book was amazing and had one of the best, most satisfying endings :)
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