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Grace Grows (2012)

Grace Grows (2012)
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St. Martin's Griffin
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Grace Grows (2012)
Grace Grows (2012)

About book: Grace Barnum is a caring, giving woman at 28 years of age and is engaged to be married to a patent attorney which takes him out of town a huge amount of time. Grace works at Spender-Davis Educations editing textbooks and reference materials which she is becoming very disenchanted with. She runs into a young man who has apparently taken on walking her neighbors dogs and they strike up a conversation. She learns he has just, literally come to town from the Poconos and although Grace thinks of him as a wee bit needy, she nevertheless couldn't help but notice his boyish but very handsome face and a crooked smile to die for. Tyler Wilkie is an up and coming musician/songwriter and when he invites Grace to see him perform, she was astounded at the talent and amazing voice he had. He was also singing to her and about her. She becomes mesmerized with Tyler. Although her feelings for him made her knees wobbly, the 'sensible' Grace took over and she tried to avoid Tyler at every juncture. But every time she saw Tyler, she knew in her heart she wanted to be with him, but how could she hurt the man she had promised to marry.A truly delightful character and a storyline that made me chuckle, laugh out loud and even cry. This book was so good, I couldn't put it down. You knew from the start that Ty and Grace were going to get together. But when,how and why are the questions that needed answers. And answers is what you got. The characters were true to every day people. People that you could know, people that you have walked past, people that your've just said hello to. The places that were described in the book, make you want to go their and see for yourself what they look like.I loved Grace. You cried when she cried and sometimes you just want to shake her and tell not to be so stupid. She had actual real love staring at her in the face and she kepted walking away. Or came up with excuses why it wouldn't work. If you don't try then you don't know. It would be nice if I had a Ty in my life, but that's just dreaming. But I'm so glad it all came together in the end.Thank you to Goodreads Giveaways for the opportunity to win this book. It now has a place among my favorites list and I can't wait to read it again. (and again, and again,)
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I really enjoyed this book. Very well written. Sad and funny and at times hard to put down.
Really enjoyed this book until the ending-unrealistic.
Ein wunder wunder wunderschönes Buch !!!!!
fun and sweet, quirky and charming!
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