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Grave Sins (2009)

Grave Sins (2009)

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0312946171 (ISBN13: 9780312946173)
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About book Grave Sins (2009)

Well that was just flipping infuriating.Good story but Ms MacLaine really needs to avoid mysteries- she is not good at them. I saw this coming from the very first mention of the baddy. I think a bit more research on the part of the author into how not to make it blindingly obvious would be good.Cin is fabulous but a few distractions especially jealousy-related ones, from the 'mystery' don't work when you have an intelligent heroine. I don't for one minute believe her character wouldn't have worked it out as fast as most of the readers did! So what were the other 250 pages for? This series is just a heck of a lot of fun. In this book, we got to find more out about the intricacies of vampire society. We got to see how Cin has found her place with The Righteous, and we got to meet a vampire king and queen. And we even got to see some more of Woof. What I think I enjoyed best was seeing Cin and Michael work out their relationship. They utterly love each other, but as the newlywed-style passion wears away, they have to get down to the nitty-gritty of making a relationship - one that could literally last for eternity - work. This is something we almost never get to see in PNR / UF, and I thought it was fabulous. I really enjoyed watching 2 people who are utterly loyal to each other work through the inevitable kinks in any relationship. And this series has a cast that I just adore all-around. Devlin and Juliana are magnificent (and I wouldn't be at all opposed to books that place them more towards the center), and there are plenty of others in the supporting cast that I have really grown to love. The author seems to have a concrete end-game in mind, which she is steering towards with Morrigan. I can't wait to see what she has planned.

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Love this series.....Just wish there were more of them!

I really enjoy this series and really liked this book.

Pretty good story line. Slow character development.

Awesome book! Looking forward to the next one!!

Rated 3.5

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