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Grave Visions (2000)

Grave Visions (2000)

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0451416570 (ISBN13: 9780451416575)

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Hi All. If you check the author's blog she has been dealing with some personal issues. It is obviously someting very major and something she does not want to disclose and I don't blame her. Due to the fact she put this out there people please stop being so angry. I am dying to read this next book as well but am willing to wait because the author obviously has something very serious going on and I think we can all agree we want her to come throught what ever it is happy and healthy and ready to write instead of cranking out a quick book that she is not happy with and chances are fans will not be happy with either just to succumb to the pressure we her fans are putting out there. We are her fans and should only wish for a speedy recovery and look forward to receiving this book when she is well enough and has put together the right and best story she can. Seriously? 2015 March? C'mon! It's just rude now... I preordered it almost a year ago! Why don't we just put a far enough date on it, do we really have to change it every 3 or 4 months? Every time I feel happy that it will be finally published I have to realize that they postpone it again... (I get that KP has some problems, I really do, but please then postpone it to 2020 or something because it's still better to get it earlier than postponing in every few months.)----Dafuck? November 30th??? When? Why? Nooooo....Oh, and Team Falin, by the way! :P

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Why the hell has this book had so many postponements? angry.

2015! WTF! Tell me this is wrong, I can't wait that long.


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