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Gravitational Attraction (2014)

Gravitational Attraction (2014)
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Dreamspinner Press
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Gravitational Attraction (2014)
Gravitational Attraction (2014)

About book: A wonderful entertaining read. While the storyline did seem to meander a bit here and there I did enjoy the pacing. Nothing took place to quickly. There seemed a little bit to much information about the planet the Corzin call home that ended up making you realize why the Corzin were willing to fight so hard to protect it. The tech was interesting without needing a schematic manual to understand and was never over blown.I must say thank the stars for the glossary!! I love scifi, fantasy and paranormal and not being able to pronounce names drives me to distraction. Never fear though, there are alien words here and all meanings explained, it just adds to my enjoyment for me to 'hear' the word as the author does. Part way through I was a bit put off by an insta mate pairing of the main characters. I expect fated mates in shifter stories but not scifi. Luckily this is not the case here. It's magnetic resonance pairing of compatible frequencies. While the Corzin due hold this sacred it's not foolproof and took Isaac awhile to understand. I look forward to checking out more work by this author and this is going into my reread pile! I'm not a Sci-fi fan but I sort of just decided that I had to read this, could be new found love for Martinez, but anyway I searched all the usual e-stores I shop in for it and no one had it. Had to shop at Kobo at last and I don't like that store. No matter, now it's done and the book is read. I don't know why but I expected it to be bloodier than it was, not that I'm complaining but I was preperaing myself for something gory. I liked both Oz and Turk a lot and all the brothers and cousins and other ailens. I had a little hard time picturing Turks home planet even though many things were well described. Good book!
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Amazing world building, fantastic story full of action, adventure and heart.
Great world building, strong plot, and solid characterizations. Loved it.
A beauty. It was perfect to read. Im glad I did.
Some really cool world-building in this book.
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