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H Ντεαρ Συναντάει την Εβερ (2012)

H Ντεαρ Συναντάει την Εβερ (2012)

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About book H Ντεαρ Συναντάει την Εβερ (2012)

The first series i started reading from this author were the soul seekersthen i read the short story "Daire Meets Ever" and then after reading it i decided to read the immortal series. It was only a scene actually were Daire sees Ever as a happy person who reassures her that everything is going to be ok. The story was very short but it gave me hope while i was reading the immortal series that no matter what happens in the end Ever and Damen would be ok and happy. Daire is 16 years old. But, she has been experiencing some things that are not normal for a 16 year old. She is seeing glowing people. And when she sees them, the skies fill with ravens. When she first starts having these visions, her mother thinks she is having some sort of a mental break down. She is put under the care of doctors and given strong drugs. But, nothing seems to help. So Daire's paternal Grandmother steps in. Daire has never even met her Grandmother, Paloma, but she is forced to go and live with her in a town called Enchantment, New Mexico. What will her Grandmother be like? What will her new home be like? This was a short prequel to the Soul Seekers series and I can't wait to find out.

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was pretty interesting, and of course i loved the Ever part...anything with Ever is amazing!!!

Good book. Can't wait to read the first book.

Too short to be considered anything really.

I want more Daire and Ever crossover books!

Cute little meet between the girls.

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