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Half Broke Horses (2009)

Half Broke Horses (2009)
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Half Broke Horses (2009)
Half Broke Horses (2009)

About book: Pseudo biography of her grandmother who worked hard, lived in real time, not OCD about cleaning a ranch since ranch life was meant to be dirty and that alone depicts a sensible nature to me. Few times she considered to play over work, it was intense (fly an airplane for downtime? Only because it was a fun thing to do that held potential income). Lily world completely foreign to me and I did not feel inspired to check out ranch life after reading this. I had no interest to check out ranch life before reading this. I chose to read the book to learn more about the woman herself. I was inspired by Lily focus on independence and her stamina which not everyone has and few can learn. I do feel everyone can benefit knowing a woman like her. Lily Casey is definitely someone I’d love to have a friend – she would’ve been a blast going cross country with…And I loved the dynamic between her and her second husband. They did everything they could to support each other and make each other and their children happy. I wish Jeanette’s parent’s had been a little more thoughtful about the legacy they’d be leaving behind for their kids.
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This was a great book-a combination of Little House and John Steinbeck.
The book was good, but did not like it as much as THE SILVER STAR.
Another excellent read from this author.
I cannot put JW's stuff down!
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