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Half Moon Chambers (2012)

Half Moon Chambers (2012)

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This book wasn't as good as I had anticipated. It was dark and gritty. Yes, there was an HEA, but it was just kind of depressing most of the novel.Cop Vincent Carr had a career on an upward trajectory until everything came crashing down at a Drug bust gone bad. Vince got shot in the back and the bullet was so close to his vertebrate that the doctors feared they left the option to go in and get the bullet up to Vince.Vince was too scared of the possibilities of being a parapelegic that he opted NOT to take the surgery, and resigned himself to a life a pain meds and a desk job.An opportunity to bust the head of the Drug Cartel that left him in pain arose when a witness to a hit was discovered. Vince went to interview this witness Rowan Clyde but the witness was too afraid. The rest of the book became a journey where two very damaged people had to fight for their lives and find healing for their pains.the writing wasn't really captivating and I just didn't love this one. A cop who got shot on the job and then dumped by his partner meets a reluctant witness, a recovering drug addict and brilliant artist.I wouldn't read this for anything remotely resembling a realistic view of police work, starting with a scene where cops who are supposedly devoted to their jobs have sex in their office in the middle of the working day, knowing they'll be fired if caught. However, while Vinnie isn't very believable as a cop, he's very believable as a damaged, struggling human being. The romance is both moving and hot. And, as always for Fox, the setting is a character in itself.I didn't love the "cure" ending, but at least it was set up from the beginning rather than coming out of the blue.

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Another gem from Harper Fox.

lovely, lovely, lovely

Rather enjoyed this.

3.5 Stars

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