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Hamburger Games (2012)

Hamburger Games (2012)

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About book Hamburger Games (2012)

It's okay. Bits of it are pretty funny. There was an over reliance on the characters just being stupid, which doesn't appeal to me. The humor should be more than this character is so stupid and that character is so fat and stupid. My favorite part of the book was the two guys flying the hovercraft. Hearing bits and pieces of their conversation, which had nothing whatsoever to do with the job they were doing, was very funny and did not require them to be stupid. I'm going to rate this simply on my entertainment level while reading it.This too-short book just had me laughing from the beginning. The names were hilarious, as well as the actual hunger games and some of the scenes. The part where Katniss meets Cinna: SO FUNNY.I also think this book is really for people who can take a joke. Can I just say that I am a huge Hunger Games fan! I love the books, read them like five times, and watched the movie again and again and again. So I would be pissed if a parody-book was making fun of it, but this book isn't like that at all. It's not a satire, for one. So all the jokes they make aren't trying to belittle the hunger games! It's just random things they change in the plot lines, or characters they made overwhelmingly annoying. It's not insulting in anyway, just funny. Really, fans should be flattered. They obviously thought they could make good ratings and get people to buy their book if they made a parody about the Hunger Games! It shows how well liked and popular the series is. So lighten up guys, and take a joke!In conclusion, if you don't mind reading some cheesy and obvious remarks about the Hunger Games, then I would defiantly read this book! It's laugh out loud funny.

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This book may be one of the funniest things I have ever read!

Initially amusing, but the humor wears pretty thin quickly.

It had potential, but that ending was a mess.

There is some humor here, but very little.

horrible and not even funny.

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