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Hamlet (2008)

Hamlet (2008)

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I loved this one! Thank you to my friend Beejay for lending me this fantastic book. I have not read Shakespeare's version but feel I might have the confidence to do so now that I have an understanding of the story. What a man Mr M is, this book is a quick read, I didn't want to put it down - the writing is superb and it is funny - yes, there were quite a few passages which made me laugh out loud. Loved it! John Marsden's interpretation of one of the greatest texts ever written had a lot of potential. It had a very interesting aim and setting, even a fantastic cover, but that's nothing to judge a book by, apparently. I found Marsden's writing to be fairly basic, and I even started laughing at some of the weak imagery used. He seemed to strain metaphors, similes, et cetera, and almost misunderstood the point of them in some points. When I read his 'Tomorrow' series about five years back, I didn't find his writing to be so bad. I actually enjoyed those books, although I was more in his target audience at that point. I'm sure John Marsden's 'Hamlet' could be quite enjoyable for a younger audience, but for me it was a fairly unenjoyable read.

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Well done and straight forward rendition of Hamlet. In case you were confused by all that poetry.

Really enjoyed this book, i loved it and would recommend it to anyone :D

I loved this story and it might even encourage me to read the original.

Great way to get the full effect of a classic story. Really wonderful.

Skeptical, but I just might try it.

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