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Hand In Hand In Virgin River (2011)

Hand in Hand in Virgin River (2011)

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Mira Taschenbuch im Cora Verlag

About book Hand In Hand In Virgin River (2011)

Being unable to take the pressure, Sous-Chef Kelly Matlock quits her job and retreats to Virgin River to visit her sister, Jillian. With nothing to do, Kelly raids Jill's garden and begins making her own relishes, hoping to market them locally. When Widower Lief Holbrook meets Kelly, he finds himself interested in a woman for the first time since his wife died. But his teenage step-daughter, Courtney, is not a fan of any woman who pulls her father's focus away from her.I enjoyed this book in the Virgin River series. Usually Robyn Carr will give us several different story threads to follow, but this time the story was very focused. Both Kelly and Lief are well-drawn characters, but I thought the story was less a romance and more about Courtney and her problems. The scenes between Courtney and her psychologist were excellent. I kept hoping her life would turn around and she would realize how much her step-father loved her. My rating: 4.5 Stars. Jillian renuncia a su exigente trabajo en un famoso restaurante, se refugia en la casa de su hermana Kelly en Virgin River (book14) y mientras decide que hacer con su vida cocina y prepara conservas con las exoticos vegetales organicos que cultivan en la propiedad.Lief es escritor adaptador de peliculas, viudo con una hijastra malvada. Al final, nada es lo que parece, y se develan los traumas que la llevan a actuar asi. Adoro al consejero (psicologo) que los ayuda con los problemas, me parece un personaje secundario muy tierno. No se porque me gustaria saber mas de su vida. PD: No me agrada Luca, pero me recuerda a alguien...

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Yet another enjoyable read/listen of the Virgin River series.

Love the Virgin River series and this book is a good one!

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