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Handling The Undead (2005)

Handling the Undead (2005)

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1847244130 (ISBN13: 9781847244130)
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John Ajvide Lindqvist – Hanteringen av odöda Läsutmaning 60 (read a book with no living creatures on the front) (no pun intended.. well yes. )Plot.The plot is quite unique actually. The people that have been dead for less than 2 months wakes up in Stockholm and they want to come home. They're not zombies, more like lost souls. I found the plot the most interesting thing in this book. The part I liked a lot were the ones with the clips from magazines, radio and a summary from the politicians and different departments of defense etc. Characters.All of the books that I've read from Ajvide has more than one character pov's. I actually love that in books since you don't get tired reading about the same person throughout the whole book. These characters were very different and you always knew who it was that was telling their story. Summary. This is a really short review comparing to the other ones I've written, but I don't really have much to say about this one. It took me a while to finish it but that doesn't mean much since I can read a very good book for longer than a month. This book was decent. It wasn't bad nor was it really good. Just good. I would recommend it to someone who wants a special read, but mostly it's an angsty book with characters that are mourning their lost ones. Since Ajvide is a writer of terror this story contains supernatural themes. ( Well, duh ). One scene scared me pretty bad actually, it's the part with the spoiler drowned undead that wants to get into the cabin- that was very well written. end of spoiler One thing I really want to do is recommend Ajvide as a writer since he is my favorite Swedish writer after his book Let the Right One In. Read that. It's epic. #lasutmaning60 Poorly paced and much too long; this would have made a much better short story or novella. There was a lot of forced emotional drama I couldn't bring myself to empathize or resonate with because so much of this novel was tell, rather than show, and the narrative really only spans the entire conflict and abrupt conclusion of the book. Fascinating concept with lots of imagination behind it, but poorly executed. Definitely not nearly what I've come to expect from Lindqvist.

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Unique book with great characters, but the storyline meandered too much for me.

Good enough story, short and sweet, but the ending is poor and anti-climatic.

Was actually kind of boring, but i was committed to finishing it, so I did.

a bit disapointed with the end but good story


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