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Hank Finds An Egg (2013)

Hank Finds an Egg (2013)

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1441311580 (ISBN13: 9781441311580)
Peter Pauper Press

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First of all - ADORABLE. SO surprising/fun to get to the "aha!" when you figure out what Hank is doing.Reading: How does Mr. Tiger go wild?How does he affect others?Writing:What would happen if one day you decided to “go wild”? What if you’ve always thought about being more comfortable in your pajamas at school? (Or other third grader-friendly ways of going “wild”/doing the things that they’ve always wanted to do) This picture book does not have any words, but rather is a series of pictures that follows a teddy bear named Hand who stumbles upon an egg. Hank peers at the egg and then attempts to return the egg to a nest in a tree, but to no avail. Hank does not give up despite several failed attempts which demonstrates his grit and determination to return the egg to the others. Hank keeps the egg safe and warm over the night by a campfire he sets up. The next morning, Hank meets the egg's mother and wraps the egg in a safe pouch so the mother can carry the egg up to the nest. When the eggs hatch, Hank is pictured with all of his new friends! I chose this book to my in my kindness text set because it demonstrates unsolicited kindness and persistence when trying to do the right thing. The lack of words (which is why I chose The Lion and The Mouse as well) give students the freedom to inference from the pictures and create a kindness story that is truly theirs and based on kinds that they have witnessed/ can inference from the pictures.

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in Elko, but they aren't filling the request - try in 2015?

beautiful drawing for a heart warming story.

Beautiful simple story told in pictures.

Sweet and charming

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