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Hard Rock Remix (2013)

Hard Rock Remix (2013)

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Brittle Divinity Press

About book Hard Rock Remix (2013)

Where the first book was raw and intense this one is sweet. I loved Carter in Hard Rock Arrangement and was glad to see the second book was about him. The small glimpses of sadness and sweetness I got to see of him did not do him justice, but in Hard Rock Remix I got to see him shine. And goodness gracious Carter Hudson is like the sweetest rock star ever!This story all begins with a woman desperate for escape and the one unlocked door which will give it to her. Aylen is running from a life she was forced into by her mother, a life she knows isn’t right. No way should her eighteen year old self be forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather. Yeah, I’d run too! Far, far away! But just because she runs doesn’t mean she’s broken free. Her nuptials are well sought after and her groom won’t let a little thing like ‘she doesn’t want to’ get in his way.Carter may have gotten his act mostly cleaned up, but he’s still missing something. And that something is the crazy girl who broke into his hotel room and begged for his help. He’s the type of guy who can’t walk away from someone in need and he strives to witness her excitement at every new encounter. He may have promised he’d let her go on her separate way, but can he? Read it and find out!“Spare me. I’m very charming and persuasive, so you’re going to end up agreeing to whatever I say in the end, so we should just skip the stuff in the middle where you agrue.” “Seriously, let me corrupt you. I love corrupting the innocent.”My Favorite Moment: I love it when Aylen is talking about her whiskey. Someone who gets drunk for the first time is always a little funny.“I hadn’t liked the whiskey, but I’d drunk it all. Mostly by accident. I’d thought it was ginger ale. That mistake cost me my nasal passages.” “I tried to frown at my whiskey to let it know that I was not pleased with it. To my surprise my whiskey was not whiskey at all, but a banana daiquiri. What was this witchcraft?” My Favorite Laughable Moment: Aylen on Google. Every new thing she looked up only made me laugh harder.“The first thing I looked up was the phrase bust a nut. I mean, come on. I had to.” Just loved Carter and his runaway Rock star n the virgin!! I didnt expect the runaway cult bride and the rockstar that helps her! that's for sure!! Its a nice sweet story line, it does drag out in parts, it takes them forever to get together! It is a nice sweet story line and you cant help but love the characters esp Carter!! The ending is O.K i would liked it to have a nice epilogue rather than just end the way it did (i dont want to spoil the book, so i cant say to much)

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I really liked this series..I didn't find anything wrong wit it

I really enjoyed this book. Great story!


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