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Harpy Thyme (1995)

Harpy Thyme (1995)
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Harpy Thyme (1995)
Harpy Thyme (1995)

About book: The 17th tale in the Xanth series, Harpy Thyme involves the very lonely Gloha, the only female harpy-goblin in Xanth who is desperately in want of her very own male harpy-goblin. Naturally, since this is the pattern for all Xanth tales, Gloha undergoes the ritual set of riddles so she can finally get to the Good Magician who will solve all of her problems.And, naturally, the Good Magician---the cantankerous old boot---sends her out on a journey to find his second son whom no one knows person. Who, naturally, isn't sure and sends Gloha on another journey as she collects fellow adventurers also seeking the answers to their questions.I really don't know how Anthony manages to pulls so many puns into each story and I find myself eagerly reading both for the actual adventure as well as for the pun of it.While you can read each Xanth novel on its own, I do recommend starting at the beginning with A Spell for Chameleon, the first story if only because each succeeding novel builds on it and makes the experience richer for the reader. It's a wild set of wacky adventures through the pun that is Xanth in the course of which you learn to look at your own world with more tolerance and consideration.
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I found my hardbound copy many, many years ago. That it was in a bargain bin should have been a warning, but it was in good condition and I'm into fantasy so I bought it. That was a mistake. It took me months to finish, often finding reasons to procrastinate. Although I initially had high hopes given the attractive cover and seemingly interesting summary at the back, it quickly proved to be consistently boring. Parts intended to be light humor were shallow and corny.Swallowing my disappointment, I sought a second opinion thinking perhaps it was just a matter of my taste being skewed and immature. My mom is a significantly greater bookworm and I'm biased into supposing that she's more enlightened. I tried gifting it to her. She skimmed the first few pages, did it again, shook her head, and returned it.For over a decade, Harpy Thyme has been sitting in a dark corner inside my cabinet, not even given the clemency of showcasing itself on a bookshelf. Maybe someday I'll try rereading it. Then again, most likely not. There are so many other books that I want to read, that I will want to read, that I might need to read, that rereading something I didn't enjoy the first time around would be too much of a luxury.
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