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Harry's First Christmas (2000)

Harry's First Christmas (2000)
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Harry's First Christmas (2000)
Harry's First Christmas (2000)

About book: It should not be considered as a book. It's the short story story indeed. Being a die hard fan of J.K Rowling I am not suppose to tell any other writer 'well done' for writing a story about Harry or anything related to HP,still like this one because of giving a chance to see the other side of the mirror in a new way. Hating peter petregrew is fair enough, but the reasons behind his betrayal were no one's consent and GNL just brought the a glimpse of that side. Though there was not anything about Harry's first Xmas in details so the title got an 'O' from me, but I can give the writer a high five for writing a well build fan fic. This short story takes place in 1981, around Christmas time. James and Lily are now married Lily has just given birth to Harry in the July of that that same year.James senses they are being followed only to find that it's just Snape, an old friend of Lily's and the soon-to-be Potions Master at Hogwarts and future of Lily and James' son, Harry. Snape tells the couple that they need to be careful as Voldemort (He Who Must Not Be Named) and his cronies (The Death Eaters) will stop at nothing to kill them as the prophecy that will later concern Harry has just been revealed.What I enjoyed most about this story was seeing a side to Pettigrew that as not been seen before especially in J.K's books. In her books, he's seen as a coward who ratted (get it?) out James and Lily, had Voldemort murder them and frame Sirius for the crime by cutting off his own finger. In Lippert's prequel short story, you see Pettigrew wanting to fight back against being ordered around by the others but being too much of a coward to do so. I thought that was really inventive.There was one little bit that I didn't like and that was the way Snape was portrayed in this story. Having LOVED Alan Rickman in the role in the films, every time Snape in this story opened his mouth I kept thinking, 'This isn't something Rickman would have said in the movies.' Nor did it seem anything like Snape is in the books but I will let it slide as this is Snape BEFORE Lily is killed and how he became because of the way namely James and Sirius treated him during their time at Hogwarts.The story overall was very imaginative in a 'what if?' situation. Well done. 4 stars.
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all was well with the world... I enjoyed it ^^
Just a little taste but fun never the less.
This was a nice insight to pettigrew.
The start of Wormtail's betrayal
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