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Hawk's Landing (2011)

Hawk's Landing (2011)

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About book Hawk's Landing (2011)

Kit Bromley, of 'Hawk's Landing' by Carol Lynne, is unique, not only because she is such a kind, loving person, but because she is transgender, male to female. I've liked Kit since she was introduced in a previous book, 'Ghost From The Past'. She came to Cattle Valley in hopes of finding a place where she could live openly and honestly, without ridicule. When Mario was met with opposition after deciding to give her a job, his reply was: “Besides, if Kit can't find a place to call home in Cattle Valley what hope does she have?” I was proud of Mario for supporting her, but extremely disappointed when other Cattle Valley residents shunned her. Personally, I'm delighted that Carol Lynne decided to give Kit the opportunity to tell her story, which, in turn, provided us with an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be transgender.I've adored Kit since she was first introduced into the series. Kit has a beautiful soul and a determination not readily apparent. I admired her bravery and strength in her battle to be herself, to live on her own terms, and yet retain her gentle, loving nature. The pain of rejection with which Kit was constantly bombarded broke my heart. She'd been disappointed so many times, that she'd just about given up on finding anyone who would love her for herself, a love which she definitely deserved; however, I continued to cheer her on.Even though he did not thrill me at first, Hawk, who is bi-sexual, eventually proved to be a good match, able to accept and love Kit for the beautiful person she was. It amazed me that Kit was even able to attempt a relation with Hawk after all she'd been through; however, she found an openness and honesty in Hawk, which personally I thought bordered on crudeness. Although I wasn't fond of his chauvinism, Kit interpreted it as admiration and that's all that was important. I must admit that Hawk won me over later when he began to show his softer side, his desire to meet and know his son, his support of Kit's right to be herself, defending her so steadfastly, demanding the respect that she deserved, thereby giving people an opportunity to know what a wonderful person she was. Eventually, he was even willing to give up his whole life style in order to ensure that she would be safe and happy. He proved that she was what was most important to him and was willing to do whatever it took to have her with him.'Hawk's Landing' wasn't my favorite book in the Cattle Valley series, but it's an important story and I commend Carol for taking on a very controversial subject, which is often misunderstood, even in the GBLT community. Ultimately, whether or not Carol captured all the nuances of being transgender, she followed through with one of the most important themes in all of her stories, the important part of a person, the part we treasure, is what resides on the inside, not merely what is seen on the outside. Ultimately, isn't that all that matters? While I enjoyed this story I was left feeling disapointed. I know the story was about Kit and Hawk but I really wanted to read more on Hawk and his son and Bo's feelings to everything. Instead it was just another sex oriented story. Almost like MFM 3some but with only 2 people.I still love the CV series and hope there will be more to come. But this one is near the bottom of my favorites list. The characters just never grabbed me the way others did.

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Loved Kit and Hawk. I especially loved who Hawk kept telling everyone that Kit was female.

This was a really beautiful love story. I love this series so much.

I enjoyed this of the best of the series in a while!

God, I'm so addicted to this series!!


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