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Heart Of The Night (2003)

Heart of the Night (2003)
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0446530964 (ISBN13: 9780446530965)
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Heart Of The Night (2003)
Heart Of The Night (2003)

About book: At their own homes Assistant DA Savannah Smith, her twin sister Susan Gardiner and their friend Society Wife Megan Vandermeer are all listening to the crooning sound of Jared Snow in the heart of the night on 95.3 WCIC Providence. Each of them has their own fantasies about Jared, what he looks like, etc.Then Megan is kidnapped and Savannah and Susan pull together to help each other and Megan’s husband Will. The sisters are often at loggerheads with each other because of jealousy ,for different reasons. While they are following a dangerous train filled with lies and deception Savannah find sherself mesmerized by Jared Snow and Susan by Sam Craig, a police detective who is helping with the case of the kidnapping. After meeting these 2 men Savannah and Susan start to reassess their lives and what they want for their future.I rather enjoyed this story – I especially loved the men.

Another delightful novel from Delinsky.From back cover:"Late night disc jockey, Jared Snow has a smooth, sexy voice on the radio that has many women dreaming of him in their beds at night as they close their eyes to sleep, including twin sisters.In the relationship between twins Savannah and Susan, it explores sibling rivalry. In the solving of the kidnapping of a society wife, it has a strong element of mystery. And, as the trail leads to Jared Snow, it becomes a love story that is deep and strong with emotional intensity."
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I have always enjoyed Barbara Delinsky's books, and I did this one also. I felt the characters had very strong and independent qualities. The story lines were great and the romance was very hot and seductive. I realy enjoyed the big difference between the twin sisters and how her story worked with that. Sam is a saint as far as I am concerned. Many turns and twists to the story. I gave this book only 4 star rating is because I felt cheated at the ending. I felt like it was a quick way to end the book and that it skipped over time, reasons and relationships that needed to be concluded.
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