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Heart Secret (2012)

Heart Secret (2012)

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I still really like the overall worldbuilding of this series, but am minorly frustrated by the way the non-romance plot arcs are subordinate to the romance arc to the point of non-resolution. I was really hoping for a less off-hand resolution to the Healing Hall plot than was given.(Also, excuses are given for the lack of Heart Gifts - but is that why the protagonists didn't have secondary flairs for hobbies in this book? Or is it that the world is too large to include what used to be standard features in this series, i.e. secondary flair-based hobbies?) Heart Secret, Celta’s Heartmates #11, by Robin D. OwensGrade: DNFRobin D. Owens’ Celta’s Heartmates series has been one of my favorite urban fantasy-science fiction-romance series for the past two years and I was so excited when I got to review the eleventh installment Heart Secret. Garrett Primrose and Artemesia Mugwort Panax are two characters that we have met before but did not know much about. Garrett is a private investigator and Artemesia is a second class healer and there lives cross paths as a new outbreak of a disease that almost killed the population on Celta years before is back and Garrett was one of it’s few survivors.Garrett knows Artemesia is his heartmate and wants nothing to do with her and is very mean and horrible for the first part of the book. Garrett’s attitude is one of the reasons that I struggled with this book and why I had to stop reading. I felt bad that he lost his first love but he has a second chance and with his Heartmate no less who is a really wonderful woman. I usually am a very fast reader but I struggled to get through the first hundred and fifty pages of this book and finally had to give up. The story seemed to go by very slowly without much happening and a lot of the characters were horrible and hard to read about. I am so disappointed with this book but I will try to read the next book and hope to fall back in love with Celta and it’s people.

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RDO manages to find convincing new reasons for characters to not want HeartMates. *evil grin*

Yet another wonderful installment in this series. Well done Ms Owens

DNFed 100 pages in. I grew bored. Not much happening in this one.

This series is such a comfort read for me.

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