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Hearts Aglow (2011)

Hearts Aglow (2011)

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0764206133 (ISBN13: 9780764206139)
Bethany House Publishers

About book Hearts Aglow (2011)

This was a great sequel to the first book, Embers of Love, and though the novel came to a conclusion, it still left me wanting more which will come about in the way of the third installment in the trilogy. Deborah and Christopher's love is growing, but his secrets might turn one of them from the other, and Deborah's great admirer, Mr. Wythe is back in town! Then to add to the suspense racial hate is wreaking havoc on their small town. Horrifying deaths, beatings, and vandalism. And on top of that Stuart is back seeking revenge on Lizzie and the Vandermarks for leaving him at the alter without her as his bride. I can't wait to read the conclusion to this enjoyable series! :D For book lovers of historical and inspirational romance…I recently reviewed the first book in this series, Embers of Love, set in the 1880s. The story of the main character, Deborah Vandermark continues with a brutal attack on Sissy - once a slave and now friend of the Vandermark family - and her husband and son. Tension still run deep in this small logging Texan town, not so many years after the War Between the States. With that, hurricanes, arsonists, family responsibilities, and old adversaries threatening to ruin the Vandermarks, Deborah questions her once unwavering faith and her desire to become a physician and wife to Dr. Clayton.Although the series drags in a few places, and you wonder if Deborah and the Dr. will ever be together, the descriptions of a “genteel” era amidst violence are well written.Hearts Aglow, Book 2Hope Rekindled, Book 3Striking a Match series by Tracie Peterson

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audio bookI would have done 2.5 stars if I could have figured it out.

Nice sequel. A little heavy handed in the messages in the beginning.

This was part 2 of a 3 part series.

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