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HeartsBlood (2000)

HeartsBlood (2000)

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this trilogy was like a dollar on amazon, which was the only reason i read it. HeartsBlood starts out very strangely and i was almost on the verge of abandoning it about 40 pages in. The background details of the plot are throw together in a poorly executed way to build up the main adventure. The story is propelled by the main character "coincidentally stumbling" on important facts and haphazardly coming to correct conclusions on the fly, which i find irritating when authors resort to that. It just feels like sloppy story telling. Then like half way through it started getting more coherent and i was pretty much hooked. at least enough to read book two, Deadblood. I had not read any reviews about this book prior to reading. Consequently, I had no idea what type of book this was going to be. Instantly I was drawn into the world of "what is fixin to happen?" Next thing I know, I was having a hard time putting this down.This book takes so many twists, that I didn't know what to be expecting next. I couldn't believe the connection between Tyr and the beast. This was not what I was expecting. The only problem I have with this book was the ending. I hate cliffhangers. Thank goodness there was a snipet at the end that allowed me to get a peek into the next installment. Now, I have to wait till July 2013 to find out how this is going to end. I can't take this!

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