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Heat Wave (2011)

Heat Wave (2011)

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0345518314 (ISBN13: 9780345518316)
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About book Heat Wave (2011)

wow...what an emotional ride. Love how Carley finally came to her senses and admitted she needed loved, support, passion, and happiness too. I think she loved Gus, but was never in passionate love with him. She grieved more for her kids than herself. Maude was so selfish and greedy, glad she didn't always get what she wanted. Oh Vanessa, I cried pretty damn hard...sniffles. I was NOT expecting THAT. Glad Annabelle and Russell backed off. Ah, love the summer reads that take place in picturesque towns like Nantunket! This was an easy and fun read - Carley has recently lost her husband and is now raising her daughters alone on the island. She has over-involved in-laws and two best friends. She starts to date her husband's best friend. A bit soapy but fun. Then there was MAUD. Her best friend who decides to start sleeping with their other best friend's husband and tells Carley. Carley foolishly does not tell the friend. That was an interesting scenario - what would you do?! As I read I though I would tell the HUSBAND that I know and then tell him he needs to tell his wife or I would. Wife eventually finds out and kinda-sorta forgives Maud. I was in this situation in college when my best friend slept with my boyfriend and i could forgive him but not her. It seemed like more of a betrayal of my girlfriend. Boys come and go but friends don't do that to each other. I thought Maud was just awful and selfish. And then! the end! She tries to claim the wife's baby?!?! Awful woman. Anyway, good summer read. Nancy Thayer writes easy and breezy summer reads and they make me want to go to Nantucket!

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I can't believe I actually finished this book. What a waste of time!

Listened to the audio version of this book and really enjoyed it!

Unrealistic soap opera but entertaining enough

Another quick and good read.

Quick, easy read

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