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Heir Of Skies (2000)

Heir of Skies (2000)
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Heir Of Skies (2000)
Heir Of Skies (2000)

About book: I really enjoy this author's work. She is fantastic at painting these word pictures that I can see clearly in my head as I'm reading and the emotions she's conveying come right out and just grab me. This story was no different. It's an interesting take on the good vs. evil / light vs. dark battle, and I can't wait to see where this goes. Once again, I am on this train going who knows where, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. So I really liked the whole concept of this book and I really liked Stella. Until there was the Seth and Tristan situation.Tristan: I mean I liked Tristan but he annoyed me. Don't ask why.Seth: I really liked how understanding he was and how nice and sweet he was also really protective and I liked that (even though that is his job). However an arranged marriage is a little pressurising.Stella:I loved Stella and I thought she was really funny and brave and strong although she annoyed me how she was stringing Seth and Tristan along I mean why?? Overall an quick and nice read, good storyThankyou and Goodnight X
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I quite like this story. It's quite sweet and maybe little to young for me but I still enjoyed.
A fun story - good characters and likeable. A little too much teenage angst.
I loVe it! I can't wait to read til I can read the rest of the series.
Maybe even 4.5 :) Really enjoyed it!
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