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Henry In Love (2009)

Henry in Love (2009)

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Title: Henry in LoveAuthor/Illustrator: Peter McCartyISBN: 9780061142888Date of Publication: December 22, 2009Review: This is a hilarious story about a young cat named Henry, his love interest, a rabbit named Chloe, and the baked-good that brought them together. The illustrations in this book are simple, but also clever and eye-catching. The marriage of the text and the illustrations is excellent and together they create a wonderful story. I highly recommend this book for children of all ages! There are so many things to like about this book: Henry's sweetness and his sudden crush on Chloe, the ink and watercolor illustrations that show Henry's deer-in-the-headlights eyes and Chloe's cocky body language, and the way this picture book captures very young love. I adore the notion that love can be kindled with a freshly baked, yummy blueberry muffin. It may well be that one of my favorite illustration shows Henry from the rear as he pees into a toilet. The fact that Henry is a cat just adds to the delight and humor. The other illustration that possibly thrills me depicts Chloe, a bunny, as she gazes on that scrumptious blueberry muffin that Henry holds in his hands.

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This is such a cute book! I only wish I had a Henry to share his blueberry muffin.

Sweet story of puppy love with super cute illustrations.

This book is good for school-age storytime

CUTE story with a fun ending.

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