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Here Comes The Big, Mean Dust Bunny! (2009)

Here Comes the Big, Mean Dust Bunny! (2009)

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About book Here Comes The Big, Mean Dust Bunny! (2009)

Kirkus Reviews (October 1, 2009)The wacky dust bunnies return, now terrorized by an intimidating gray ball of fanged fuzz instead of the vacuum cleaner (Rhyming Dust Bunnies, 2008). Friends Ed, Ned, Ted and Bob try engaging their tormentor in their rhyming game, but unfortunately, this bullying dust-ball won't play nice. Exclamatory dialogue rendered entirely in speech balloons provides punchy flair. "What rhymes with fit?" Ed and co. ask; "I know!" the big, mean dust bunny snarls, "SIT!" as he squashes them into accordioned fuzz. Apprehensive Bob continually expresses concern; his meek warning ("cat!") proves futile, and the powerful feline crushes their dusty foe--though the menace eventually transforms his wicked ways. The visual narrative maintains sharp pacing throughout. Thomas's signature digital illustrations utilize stark dark lines and bright color splashes with a quirky exuberance. Expressive faces steal the show as the characters' thick eyebrows, protruding noses and untamed fur react to each hilarious circumstance, demonstrating that a little dust is well worth the mess. (Picture book. 3-6) Publishers Weekly (December 7, 2009)In this follow-up to Rhyming Dust Bunnies, the effervescent dust bunnies interact with the aptly named title character, who's gray, sharp-toothed, and very grumpy. When they invite him to rhyme a word with "fit," he volunteers "sit" and flattens them. Next, the meanie takes a turn, demanding, "What rhymes with face?" (the apprehensive bunnies learn he has "chase" in mind). All is finally set right with a hug, and readers should find the dust bunnies as magnetic as ever. Ages 3-5. (Nov.) Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information.School Library Journal (November 1, 2009)PreS-Gr 2-Even though they ended up inside a vacuum cleaner in Rhyming Dust Bunnies (S & S, 2009), the brightly colored creatures are back, this time getting bullied by a big, gray, self-proclaimed mean dust bunny. He turns their rhyming games into an ordeal by sitting on them and chasing them around until the large cat from Thomas's What Will Fat Cat Sit On? (Harcourt, 2007) sits on the meanie and smashes him flat. The bunnies pull and tug until the big guy is back to regular size. They call him a thug and he responds with a hug, showing his change of heart. The digital illustrations in flat hues are outlined in thick black lines. The style and colors are the same as in the author's previous works. The pages are clean and crisp. The text is part of the action. Some words are big, some are small, some black, some red, but always inside a white word bubble. This is simplicity at its best, a tale of bullying told with humor by some familiar friends. It is sure to be a favorite of the picture-book crowd.-Ieva Bates, Ann Arbor District Library, MI Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information. Jan Thomas does a wonderful job of creating a simple world that is full of complex ideas. She uses her dust bunnies to teach more about rhyming while also introducing a bully to the equation. Circumstances in the story make the bully change his ways for the better, which adds a discussion of manners to the story. Also, the rhyming words all carry a noticeable color which makes them stand out on the page. A winner.

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The students loved this book and giggled all the way through.

not as funny as the first one we read but still cute

PB46 – Great colorful pictures

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