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Het Examen (2014)

Het Examen (2014)

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ok I do like these books but I absolutely hate it when authors rehash everything from previous books. once in a while ok sure but in every paragraph? it's not as bad in the series as in others I have read but there is a lot. give your readers some credit don't assume they won't remember. its annoying and I skip a lot of the book because of it. my number one pet peeve, it actually make me a tad crazy, are grammatical errors in books. my English isn't that great, in books it should be though. books get proof read over and over and edited so those things should not happen. the worst error is 's after words and names that end in s!!! stop doing that! The author`s purpose in writing this book was to show how to overcome adversity in difficult circumstances and stay true to yourself through all life`s changes. She wanted to entertain and baffle the reader`s mind by giving the book lots of twists and turns. This is shown in the book when Cia is given the task to kill all the people on the President`s list. She is very much against killing people because she was raised to value human life. She first comes to the conclusion to find out what people on the list actually approve and support The Testing. Then she decides she will only take the life of Dr. Barnes because she knows how much he has to do with The Testing and in order for it to stop she must kill him. In the end, Cia refuses to kill Dr. Barnes because she believes she has no right to condemn him, a court or jury is. She was still a good leader, but stuck to her values by not killing someone when it is not a matter of survival. Cia accomplished stopping The Testing and kept her values along the way.This book`s theme was to stay true to yourself and abide by your values. Throughout the story Cia was put in multiple situations where she had to decide if she was going to stay with her values or abandon them to complete a task. She always ended up staying true to herself and understanding that she would be no better than the people was trying to stop if she didn`t keep the values her parents instilled in her.The style of the book was a description. A description is and explanation of a particular time, place, or event to make the reader feel like they`re experiencing it first-hand. I know this is the book`s style because it created a world that had arose from corruption and war. Where the The United Commonwealth government was all that was known of human existence and the colony and capitol`s residents were oblivious to the horrors of their government and how their children`s lives were regarded as nothing. This style was effective because it seemed as though you were literally being drawn into the story every time you opened the book. You could feel the love that Cia and Tomas shared and sense your body getting chills when trouble ensued. This style made you want to help the character because they have become a person to you now and they are someone that you care deeply about.I found this book to be exhilarating and filled with happiness, love, sadness, fear, and courage. Cia was a character to be admired for her strength in character and wisdom. This story gave me new sense of encouragement to abide by my values because if you let people take away your values for life you have given them all of you. This also characterized the youngest as the person with all the power and how you don’t have to appear as the best to be the best. The book also showed how a girl has the capacity to do great things and can have a brilliant mind, just like or sometimes even better than boys.

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Very disappointing in the end. Not unsurprising ending. A bit disjointed in writing style!

I didn't like it. It was so slow. I almost couldn't finish it.

Ending wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped.

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