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Hidden Embers (2011)

Hidden Embers (2011)
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Hidden Embers (2011)
Hidden Embers (2011)

About book: I think the Eroticism in this book is better than the first book, but it still goes on forever and a year. I can only read the same moves so many times before it becomes dull, boring and loses all impact on me as a reader. I would give the books a 4 star rating if the sex scenes were delivered better.The whole "All men are out to cause me pain and anguish" spiel got old real fast in this book. I mean seriously Quinn is nothing but nice to her the entire book, Quinn was nicer to Jasmine than Dylan was to Phoebe. I think there was one scene where Quinn grabbed her arm but it wasn't an act of aggression and she goes all apeshit "don't ever grab me like that again" on him. I feel bad for Quinn, such an awesome guy and fate sends him a b*tch. This is the first time I've read Tessa Adams, and I'm ready to go right out and buy the whole batch. Her writing is spot-on, funny, and exciting. I even had to look up two words - that never happens to me because I'm a word whore. I didn't know that there were still words in the English language that had completely escaped my notice. At any rate, Jazz and Quinn had amazing chemistry - both in and out of the bedroom. He was the ultimate tortured alpha male. Domineering, in control of himself always (except of course where Jazz was concerned), and and sexy as hell. Smart, too. Jazz was just as alpha, just as tortured with her past, and unwilling to bend to Quinn's personality. It made for an exciting battle of wills and wits between these two scientists. Not to mention, Quinn and all his friends are also dragons of the Dragonstar clan, which added an extra element of awesome. There were maybe a couple of lines throughout that were repetitive, but I really only see that when I'm in the middle of my own edits. And even those couple of phrases weren't enough to make me mark this with four stars. This was book two in the series, but I hadn't read book one and it stood on its own just fine. I'll be buying both book one and book three in the near future and look forward to following this series as it continues.
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I tried. But there is only soo much self pity i can stand.
Just as amazing as its prequel Dark Embers
one of the best book i've read so far .
3.25 out of 5
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