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Hidden Summit (2011)

Hidden Summit (2011)

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About book Hidden Summit (2011)

When Connor Danson arrives in Virgin River, he doesn't want to be there. He is the sole witness in an upcoming murder trial and the police are trying to keep him alive so he can testify. With the help of Brie Valenzuela, he has a new identity and a new job. He just has to keep a low profile. That is easier said than done when he meets Leslie Petruso. Leslie is newly divorced and starting over in Virgin River. Even though Brie told Connor not to get involved with the locals, Connor falls hard for Leslie. With the whole town rooting for the romance, it's hard to keep a low profile.This is book number 17 in the Virgin River series. It's a cute contemporary romance and certainly kept my interest. I loved Leslie and her fire extinguisher. I also like how Connor came to love the small town. My rating: 4.5 Stars. Und es geht weiter in Virgin River - ist ja echt erstaunlich, wieviele verschiedene Möglichkeiten Frau Carr einfallen, noch einen Verwandten/ Bekannten/ Ex-Angestellten aus dem Hut zu zaubern, der dann in Virgin River zuverlässig die grosse Liebe findet - nach ein paar angemessenen Verwicklungen, versteht sich. Hier geht's also um Leslie, eine ehemalige Angestellte von Paul Haggerty und Connor, der von Brie im Rahmen eines Zeugenschutzprogramms nach Virgin River beordert wird (das fand ich jetzt mal interessant - schliesslich ist Brie immer noch irgendwie Staatsanwältin oder sowas). Naja, wie ich sagte - am Ende kriegen sie sich und leben happily ever after, genau so, wie ich das erwarte.

Do You like book Hidden Summit (2011)?

if you like suspense and true love than you will like this book and any other books in the series.

I did not know this was a romance novel...gag...this story has been told a million times.

Kind of a Harlequin type romance. Just okay.

3.5 stars ; this was a good one!


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