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Hidden Trump (2012)

Hidden Trump (2012)
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Hidden Trump (2012)
Hidden Trump (2012)

About book: Wow, not sure how to describe this book. For a start it blew me away, just everything about it, the detail, the characters, the reality of the situations (despite the paranormal), the story, the pace, just well.. the whole lot! The quality of the writing is fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. This kept me up all hours and yawning the next day!The story picks up with a running jump right from where we left off in the last book. Amber is learning more about the world she inhabits now and her confidence is slowly growing but the more she learns the more she realises she doesn't know. As with all vampire (sorry Athanate) books the politics is often a factor but this was far from boring and had me completely intrigued. Rarely in a book do we get to see the supernatural community whilst it is planing it's announcement of presence to the world at large. The reality of technology and government organisations is one all too easily imagined and I found the handling of this completely fascinating. The band of people growing around Amber are also captivating and I love the way it is all unfolding, especially in regards to her 'kin'All in a all what a fantastic ride and I'm off to get the next book right now! Absolutely adore this book/series. So many positives I do not even know where to start.. but I will try ;)1. Plausible heroine - her army skills make her a believable hero even without her extra abilities. 2. Twists & turns - It is not easy to predict, I was not sure at all who I could trust & was on the edge of my seat most of the time. 3. The romance - No pre-destined mates/other bullshit soulmate crap, just attraction/chemistry/connection/relationship building/, like real life. 4. The fact that sexual orientation is not a big deal at all or even shied away from. 5. The ending left me satisfied but wanting more. So yeah, in short I totally loved the book & i cannot wait to read the next in the series.
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I Loved both these books. I hope he continues with the series for at least a couple more books.
Better than average series which I enjoy enough to auto-order the newest book.
Great series so far...looking forward to the next action-packed book!
Really good series, definitely worth a read.
Good very good indeed!
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