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High Heat (2013)

High Heat (2013)

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0345546644 (ISBN13: 9780345546647)
Delacorte Press

About book High Heat (2013)

A Reacher short-story that takes place in our hero's late teens.Although the plot is good, it could have been a Reacher story taken from any time in the character's life. Beyond Reacher actively trying to pick up girls, I never got the feeling that this was the adventure of a young man.There's also a serial killer subplot that doesn't work for me. It could have been a decent story in its own right, but here it feels a little tacked-on. Hmmm...I kinda get the intent here and appreciate the goal. Why wouldn't Reacher be traveling through NYC on this date? Why wouldn't he get involved in the events of that night? He is often in places at unfortunate times, so why wouldn't he have started this trend as a youth. I didn't even have trouble with him traveling around solo at age 17. Of course he would. I was quite prepared to accept an awful lot but even that preparation failed me. I liked the bit of history on Reacher that was presented, but beyond that, not so much.

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1977 NY blackout. Son of sam. Young sex. Danger. Jack Reacher.. What 's not to like?

These little Reacher interludes are fun, but almost in a fanfic sort of way.

A short story and not very good.

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