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Highborn (2010)

Highborn (2010)

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ugh i'm so mad i wasted money on this lmao. i was SO EXCITED for this one -- fallen angel returns to earth to do her best to redeem herself for all the atrocities she's committed. i was so hopeful she was gonna be a woman of color!!! i mean, the author's last name was NAVARRO. surely she wouldn't fuck this up too badly!i was a little thrown by the prologue (i'm rly not used to third person POV anymore, and it was also such a stereotypical boring depiction of hell i actually put it down for like a week; the version of hell and demons in this is super bland and SO BORING i'm just so disappointed.), but then i got to the real meat of the story and, let me tell u, it got real bad REAL FAST. don't let the author's last name fool u: she is white as hell, and it shows. within the first fifty pages brynna has come to the mortal plane and made herself a human body in the form of a super tall white woman, chosen for absolutely no reason an arabic last name, announced that she is fluent in literally every language known to man, and come to the rescue of a small family of Poor and Downtrodden Latinos. i almost stopped reading at this point, but decided to hate read the rest so i could prove to myself that i wasn't imagining how bad it was.boy, did it not fail to prove me wrong. the final scene, mireva, a sweet, sweet latina girl who also happens to be a nephilim (which means she has one task in life that is her ENTIRE PURPOSE for existing, for some reason, idk, w/e), is presenting her project at the science fair. she goes to the bathroom, bc she feels sick despite the fact that she never gets sick, whereupon she meets a nice little old white lady putting on her makeup. then she gets attacked by a demon whose mission was to prevent her from meeting this old lady, bc this old lady is going to Change The World, and mireva somehow instantly knows that her ENTIRE PURPOSE IN LIFE is to save this white woman's life. and then she and the demon battle it out, and she manages to kill the demon but he also manages to kill her.this latina girl's ENTIRE REASON FOR BEING, the most important thing she will ever do, is to die horribly to save a white woman's life.` The Butterfly EffectI took a chance on this author and I wasn't disappointed. Another reviewer mentioned Bryanna's disconnect from humanity and I believe that is the point.She is not human. To be honest I found her human disconnection very refreshing. If you are looking for a touch-feely novel, this certainly is not it. The heroine is hilarious and reminds me of Jezebel from Jackie Kessler's Hells Belles series.This was a fantastic book. It had a "feel good" vibe about it. I am not into religion and I don't usually care to read books that favor anyone religion over another. I decided to see this story a little differently by not associating the "Christian god" but seeing god as another entity and His and Lucifer's' realms as other worlds who monitor and influence the earth. Sought of like the earth is the fish swimming in their pond. However, even though earth/humans are swimming in Lucifer and God's ponds who's to say that their realms aren't swimming in another entities pond of their own? Sought of like those Russians dolls that contain dolls within dolls within dolls or looking in two opposing mirrors and seeing reflection within reflection within reflection.While in the middle of this book I instantly knew I was going to read the next book. I thought a book about redemption would be a bit weak and goodie-goodie. I couldn't have been more wrong. The heroine is looking for redemption, however, she does not apologize for the heinous acts of violence she reeks on the vermin-bowels of humanity.For a first book in a series, this intro book was superbly done. I highly recommend this book to fellow dark urban fantasy readers and look forward to reading the next book, Concrete Savoir.I also recommend:Dark Time: Mortal Path Book OneBlack WingsA Rush of Wings: Book One of The Maker's SongSuccubus BluesRavenous: The Dark Forgotten

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Pretty good book and a nice series' beginning. I'd like to read more :)

I didn't love this book, I didn't hate this book. It was okay.

Angels? Fun!!

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