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Highland Shifter (2012)

Highland Shifter (2012)

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098508880X (ISBN13: 9780985088804)
Catherine Bybee

About book Highland Shifter (2012)

Another good story in the MacCoinnich series. This is Simon's story and he is all grown up. Helen is his love interest. They are both good likeable characters but I'm not sure why they liked each other so much. That's why it's a four star not five for me. I did enjoy the book and if you liked the first three then you should read this one too. I'm looking forward to Amber's book next and I hope Cian is coming soon. He was a little strange in this one. Happy reading! Merry Christmas! OMG that was friggen AWESOME!!!!LOVED IT!!!After reading the first 3 of this series and found out that there was this one I automatically went straight ahead and bought this.This story was action packed, just when you thought it would calm BANG!!!!! something else happens to spin you on your head, and your eyes bugg outGreat storyline, Awesome characters, action packed, hot sex scenes and a hearty dose of time travel.Catherine Bybee has a magical way of telling her time travel highlander stories, her unique voice sucks you in from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more, after the fourth book in this series it is still going strong, you never know where she is going to take the story next which is really refreshing and exciting I really look forward to each and every instalment. (Especially since in this one there is a cliffhanger ARRHH!!!! but im confident that it will be worth the wait)Simon is now 30 years old (how cool is that) his powers are stronger, he's grown into a sexy Highlander and loves it (yeah so do I!!!), he falls for Helen hard and hes so sweet and arrogant you just want to throttle him while you cuddle him. Being from the future who is now living in the past you can see that he has adjusted well to the age/time, and become the man he was always meant to be. I love that he can shift into animals seems a worthy gift that Simon has mastered. Helen is a photographer from the future, she is feisty, and hilarious especially when she is fighting with Simon and the magic. Helen is an orphan and has not had family to ground her and keep her safe and loved. Her reluctance with Simon is justified and I loved that this was taken into account when the relationship stuff started and not glossed over.You can see this couple fall for each other immediately, it just works they are definitely meant to be together and the different times that they each live in is a huge obstacle. In fact all the couples in this series have the whole meant to be with each other soul/destined mate thing. LOVE IT!!!!Amber (my favourite) her powers have grown so strong that its starting to kill her but with Helen's idea this may change. There is more time travel in this one and you get to meet the new children. Briac (Tara and Duncan's boy) is a teenager OMG he needs his own story and the rest of the couple from the first 3 books have children.I still laugh at the differences in the ages from electricity and running water its all such a wonder and you can see it from their points of view and look at your own comforts and surroundings differently.The twists and turns keep you turning those pages like they are on fire, although there is a cliffhanger leading up to Ambers story, the original story is rounded off nicely and completely if you didn't read the last half of the epilogue you could be content with the ending and look forward to the next instalment with the cliffhanger however your left on the edge of your seat.Thank you Gravetells for bringing this series into my world, your just Awesome!So looking forward to the next one, may have to do a re-read before then though. If you love Highlander time travel or just a really good story, give this series a go its well worth it.

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this book is so good. Please Please Please Catherine Bybee Write more books in this series

I can't get enough of these time travel series. They're romantic, sassy, and magical.

I am really enjoying this series and can't wait for more to be released.

Keeps on being good. Write faster Catherine, write faster :-)

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