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Hilda E Il Troll (2010)

Hilda e il troll (2010)
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Hilda E Il Troll (2010)
Hilda E Il Troll (2010)

About book: Luke Pearson’s Hilda graphic novel series is whimsical, funny, and excruciatingly charming. Hilda is a blue haired girl living in a magical world filled with trolls, invisible tiny people, exotic birds, flying giant cats, and a lonely wooden man. Hilda is a kind, thoughtful person, and her character develops nicely throughout the series. Although created for children, this series is a delight for all ages.Hildafolk is the first and the shortest book in the series. This quick introduction to our curious heroine takes the reader on an adventure through (what Pearson calls) the Scandinavian wilderness (with a large dose of magic). Hilda camps in the rain, draws some interesting rock formations, and has a run-in with a troll. We recently got a hard-to-find-in-the-US copy of "Hildafolk" by Luke Pearson, and it is wonderful. Published by London's Nobrow Press, this slim comic introduces readers to an adventurous girl named Hilda, her antlered fox companion Twig, and some of their mountain home neighbors: the pesky Log Man, a mistakenly belled Rock Troll, a lost Giant, and a wayward Sea Spirit. It is utterly enchanting for all ages, and is perfect for young children who enjoy a little suspense and wonder in their adventure tales. The artwork is lovely and accessible for young readers; adults will enjoy the design and nostalgic feel of the artwork. The gentle story-telling with smart, plucky, protagonists is reminiscent of films by Hayao Miyazaki("Kiki's Delivery Service," "My Neighbor Totoro"). My only complaint is that at 24 pages, "Hildafolk" was such a quick read. I want more, and so do the boys. Luckily, Pearson has already written another full-sized Hilda book called "Hilda and the Midnight Giant," and we expect our copy to show up on our doorstep soon. The "Hildafolk" book will be widely available in the US come April 2012; for now you can get both books directly from Nobrow.
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Meh. L wasn't that excited about this story.
An adorable quick read
Link+ due 1/4/15
I loved this!
3.5 stars
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