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His Christmas Pleasure (2010)

His Christmas Pleasure (2010)

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0061772062 (ISBN13: 9780061772061)

About book His Christmas Pleasure (2010)

Do you ever have a book that stays with you when you are done? One that you can't get out of your mind? One that makes you mull over the characters and scenes? Yeah, this book did that to me. Wonderful characters that I didn't want to leave. Wonderful plot and story line. Very well written. Totally worth five stars. It was a typical story of the "ugly" girl gets the handsome gent, but with enough twists to make it interesting. Thank goodness there was no, "I am not worthy of him" angst. That will make the book a wallbanger. I really really like that there was no HEA on a silver platter. The couple had to work at their relationship. What didn't I like? The stupid title and the stupid cover. There is only one scene that takes place Christmas Day and he does not seduce her. And NEVER in the book does he place a necklace on her neck. The publisher really botched both the title and the cover. I loved this book!It was witty,warm and so endearingly romantic!You can always count on Cathy Maxwell to write amazing novels with beguiling characters and compelling stories.Abigail Montrose is an adorable heroine who loves her parents(who eloped for love) but is convinced she belongs to one man who jilts for her cousin.Her father, in turn , arranges a marriage with an older man who has 13 children!He thinks to provide her with security since her first love turned out to be such a cad! Enters a handsome Baron who is considered to be the most seductive rake in London and who needs her fortune. He is attracted to her and proposes a marriage of convenience. They elope to Scotland with her father in hot pursuit.The Baron proves to be a most vulnerable man who soon comes to care for his wife passionately and wants her heart in return.The Christmas season comes to mean more than either had dared to dream!

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Despite the fact that the author confused the words infer and imply, I enjoyed the story.

Good! Definitely worth a re-read. One of her better books I've read.

A very sweet story.

Slight but sweet

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