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His Every Touch: The Complete Series (2000)

His Every Touch: The Complete Series (2000)
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His Every Touch: The Complete Series ...
His Every Touch: The Complete Series (2000)

About book: I think this book was overall predictable and a bit too cutesy for the genre. Courtney meets Vance in the elevator on her way to her performance review. He's a hunk. Strips in the elevator (what is it with these books and elevators?) and she basically submits to him right there in his office. He's desperate for her. Has been for years. But there's this whole "I'm doing it because I love her/I'm doing it for REVENGE" thing going on that never makes sense. It's like Lovelace needed something to add a plot twist - which ended up being lame and easily resolved. Overall the stories are short - the whole collection is short. It's a quick, predictable read with not the most spunky or likeable of characters. Everything about the book is pretty average and that about sums it up. This was a short read of four books, I very much enjoyed.Courtney was in a job that she thought she would love but since she wouldn't sleep with someone to get ahead, she was stuck. On her way to her annual review she spilled coffee on an extremely attractive man, who turned out to be the CEO of the company Vance. The two of them end up exploring a relationship. Vance is hiding the fact that he knows Courtney from high school where he was nerdy and she was popular. When Courtney tells her friend, Maggie, about her relationship with Vance, Maggie reminds her that they went to school together. Courtney is so upset that Vance has kept this from her, could it destroy what they are building together? Read on to find out...
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if you like fifty shades of grey you'll like this one
Not very good and took approx 45 mins to read
Free on Amazon UK15/04/2013
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