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His Forbidden Touch (2013)

His Forbidden Touch (2013)

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About book His Forbidden Touch (2013)

I had read the third book in this series first, and when this one came up as a free nook book I could not resist. We meet Ciara, and instantly fall in love with her. She is a little independent in a world where women are boxed up and kept as delicate objects. I really liked Ciara. She seemed like she cared for everyone around her. When Royce barges into the story its makes her life interesting, and I loved the Dreams that foreshadow the future for both Ciara and Royce. Great insta love read. Though they have some trials in the beginning, they do seem to fall in love instantly when they meet. I also wondered how this book linked up with the third that I head read, that was revealed on the last pages of this novel. I loved this amazing, multi-layered love story. ***Details***HIS FORBIDDEN TOUCH was another hit by Shelly Thacker. Although the second book in the Stolen Brides series does not have much of a connection with book one, FOREVER HIS, I fell for this one just as much. After seven years of fighting and losing her brother, Princess Ciara’s father is forced to surrender to the rival clan and promise Ciara’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, there are some, rebels, who are not ready to suddenly have piece with the brutal prince and make attempts to stop Ciara’s wedding. Exiled ex-knight Royce Saint-Michel is summoned back to his former home to make sure Ciara reaches her betrothed’s land safely and if successful, he’s reclaim his name and land. These two are like fire and ice when they first set off alone together, both having preconceived notions about the other and neither giving the other a chance. Royce can’t believe the attraction he feels toward the forbidden princess and Ciara is quickly learning about the world she’s never been able to fully live as a princess. As their travel become more difficult, so does avoiding the burning attraction. The choice between ending the war or saving Ciara from the Prince’s hands is eating them both alive. It isn’t until after they arrive at the castle that the rebels are finally able to explain they aren’t the enemy. Now, Ciara and Royce are joining the rebels to find the Prince’s missing brother who is the rightful heir to the throne. Arriving just after the wedding, Royce and the rebels are able to save the keep and bring true peace between the clans. Things fall together as Ciara is allowed to marry Royce who has earned back his privileges and more for his duty. Not only are they future rulers, but now they have a child to love.

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I loved this story! I gave it 4 stars not 5 because some parts were a little slow.

Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read

Loved it more than the previous one

ending nya romantis.... kereen

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