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His Southern Temptation (2013)

His Southern Temptation (2013)
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Entangled: Indulgence
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His Southern Temptation (2013)
His Southern Temptation (2013)

About book: Nice, sweet and sexy story. Had a lot of fun reading it. It was also nice to have a different h/h set up. This time the girl being the seducer and the commitment phobe. The doubts she had were very real, but the solution to those 'problems' was very romantic. Which might not be authentic, but it was calming to read.Oh btw Lucky is such a stupid name. I had trouble finding him sexy at first because that name just had me cracking up. The first chapter was explosive and this book just got better from there with many twists and turns. The plot was well written, as was the dialogue, which illustrated how good these two were together and how much they helped each other get through whatever was thrown their way. Too bad the heroine didn’t see how fortunate she was to have such a good man until it was almost too little, too late. Lucky wasn’t going to wait around forever. The sex scenes were extremely passionate and illustrated how right these two were for each other, even when the heroine didn’t want to admit that there was more between them. What I liked so much about Taylor was her strength and that she didn’t allow anyone to boss her around. While with Lucky, I liked how persistent he was in showing Taylor how good they were together and that they could have a chance at happily ever after.A great addition to a series I hope to read more of. I would definitely recommend this book to fans of the genre and even those who just want a good book. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I encourage readers to start with the first book of this series - A Night of Southern Comfort.~ TRS for AReCafe
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Have to admit I enjoyed the first book in the series better but still very steamy, well done
Bought on 99cent day based on blurb and known author. Review to come.
Robin has done it again. Keep up the great writing.
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